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Generations Italian Restaurant - Function & Sports Bar

Chef Shannon's extensive culinary background of fifteen years consists of fine dining to award winning banquet facilities. Whether it's a Italian dinner for 2 or a function for over 200 Chef Woodward will delight your taste buds and Satisfy your soul.
DIRECTV Satellite TV by Empire Elite
Empire Elite is New England's largest Directv Retailer serving all of Massachusetts & CT. Get DIRECTV for your home TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet device. Call for more information.
About Avon
The Town of Avon was founded in 1888 and is located in Norfolk County. Avon is both the smallest land area and population of any community in Massachusetts.

Visitors as well as residents are able to sign up for trips to Pats Peak for ski trips.

The community hosts the annual St. Michaels Craft Fairs as well as a Memorial Day Parade.

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Preferred Buisness Day!

Defined Designs bring you Preferred Buisness Day!

Over the last year I had the pleasure of meeting so manybuisness owners who have made an impacted in my company and because of thatI am eager to share this experience. Withmuchexcitement,I decided to host an event toallow my fellow buisness owners the opportunity to network andhave a good time all in one.

Thisevent will be informal but informative, the guest will range from new small buisness owners to buisness owners who have been in buisness formany years. I will also be launching my website for the first time and giving exposure to anew Web Designer.

Overall this event is to build longterm relationships with professional and have a good day away from thenorm.

Please feel free to bring your buisness cards and promotional materials.

*** Appertizers, Live Performanceand Music will be available***

When: Oct 19, 2014 4 PM to Oct 19, 2014 7 PMin Avon, Massachusetts (Sun, 19 Oct 2014 16 )

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